Do you know what makes your customers tick?

CX That Sings will guide you, step-by-step, through the Customer Journey Map design process. You’ll finish feeling ready to engage stakeholders and create a Customer Journey Map that makes an impact. 

Revised and updated, featuring new use cases and online resources.  

4.4 of 5 stars rating on Goodreads 

Learn to create Customer Journey Maps 

This book lays out, in actionable detail, the process of creating a Customer Journey Map - a visual story about how people experience your brand. A bridge between your business and its buyers, Journey Maps can empower your team to understand customer motivations, fears, and challenges. 

In CX That Sings, you’ll discover:

  • Actionable advice, checklists, and tactics that will make you confident to start journey mapping right away
  • Customer Journey Map Examples including eCommerce, Mixed Retail and Fast-Casual Dining 
  • How to create user and customer personas, with examples, and a “how-to guide” for creating supporting user and customer personas 
  • Free bonus material, including customer experience case studies 
  • Free access to online resources

What readers are saying:

Goodreads Customer Review

"Very clear with lots of useful online resources." Review

"The book is a great step by step guide to customer journey mapping. It's easy to follow and there are great examples (also downloadable from the website in an easy to read format). I highly recommend this book." 5/5 stars

About the Author

Jennifer L. Clinehens

Jennifer Clinehens is currently Head of Experience at a major global experience agency and holds a Master's degree in Brand Management as well as an MBA from Emory University's Goizueta School. 

Ms. Clinehens has client-side and consulting experience working for brands like AT&T, McDonald's, Adidas, and more, she's helped shape customer experiences across the globe.

A recognized authority in marketing and customer experience, she is also the author of Choice Hacking: How to use psychology and behavioral science to create an experience that sings.